Security Guard Card


Certification by Bureau of Security and Investigative Services

Become a part of a growing industry. Private and Personal Security offers attractive benefit packages and competitive salaries.

Private Security Contractors and Law Enforcement Departments are seeking individuals in the bay area with security guard card credentials to join their departments and obtain top paying jobs in the field of security. Unarmed guards are currently making $26.81 per hour. Armed guards are currently making $30.00 and up.

Call 510.253.3411 for more information or register today by choosing a tuition package below.

You Will Learn And/Or Obtain the Right to:
  • Powers to Arrest
  • Public Relations (Community & Customer)
  • Observation & Documentation
  • Pepper Spray
  • Fugitive Recovery (Requirement)

Tuition Packages:

All packages includes training, pepper spray, guard card certificate and PPS membership. You must be at least 18 years old to apply.

  • Guard Card Only – $100
  • Guard Card with Pepper Spray – $125
  • Guard Card with Handcuffs – $125
  • 16 Hour Continuing Ed. Course – $200
  • 8 Hour Refresher Course – $100